Jersey soccer team honored

JERSEYVILLE Members of the Jersey High School girls soccer team were given special recognition for their contributions to the team at a recent ceremony.

The 2016 season was not an easy one for Jersey’s girls, losing a starter Anna Hausman at the beginning of the season after an auto accident. Coach Brad Kimble said while the season was difficult, his girls showed persistence and grouped together as a team to handle the tragedy.

“It was a season that really shows that soccer is sometimes just a place to get together and experience life together,” he said. “Having a tragedy at the beginning of the season made us focus on relationships more than the game. It took the girls several games to play soccer again. For a while they were just going through the motions.

“Eventually, they did start to focus on the game and dedicated the game to Anna. The girls felt that Anna would have wanted them to play their hardest, so they did. For us, the results off of the field were much more important than the results on the field. Of course, we want to win. But winning at life is much more important.”

Overall, Kimble said the girls learned many valuable lessons throughout this season.

“They are wanting to take those experiences and move forward with something special next year,” he said.

The girls honored are for their efforts on the season were:

Gabby Stephens, Rookie of the Year

Alli Bohannon, Most Valuable Player

Lauren Pace, Defensive Player of the Year

Hailea Tepen, Offensive Player of the Year

Nicole Maag, PAC Pride Award